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The following articles, written by attorneys at Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis, all appear in Builders Exchange Magazine.

Legal perspectives: Use construction law to your best advantage
A comprehensive guide to lien law for contractors and subcontractors.
Vol. 6, Issue 2

Mechanic’s liens: Good news and bad
A new case shows how complex lien issues can be.
Vol. 7, Issue 12

Arbitration gaining power in Ohio
The state and U.S. Supreme Courts strengthen arbitration clauses
Vol. 7, Issue 6

Watch those Waivers
Contracts should never waive lien and bond rights prior to payment
April, 2003

Salvation from bad subcontract terms
New court rules show how qualifying your bid can help
Vol. 9, Issue 6

How to Get Paid for Public Work
Knowing your rights and responsibilities is key
Vol. 9, Issue 7

The most important new aspect of Ohio mechanic’s lien laws
Your business success is tied to your understanding of the construction market and its effect on margins
Vol. 7, Issue 2

They have to pay me, right?
The right contract means preserving cash flow
Vol. 8, Issue 3

New ruling can make arbitration clauses dangerous
Conflict resolution is now up in the air as far as venue goes
Vol. 7, Issue 4

Subcontractors: Prevent Bond Fraud!
Pages 16-17

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Time spent trying to obtain payment is time you are unable to work. At Meyers, Roman, Friedberg & Lewis, our goal is to help you and your business ensure that you are paid for services rendered. If your construction business needs assistance in obtaining rightful payment, litigating a claim, filing a Notice of Furnishing or needs general commercial law representation in Ohio, trust attorneys who know the law and your industry inside and out.

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